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Latin America and the Power of the Dance!

From a Dance of Bondage to a Dance of Deliverance

I felt to share a vision I had recently of Latin America. I saw a Latin American dancer locked in a tango-style dance. I could see the dancer was trapped and looked uncomfortable and was struggling to get free. The dance partner had a strong presence of evil. There was a sense this dance started in seduction but ended in bondage.

As I watched the ominous figure lead the dancer wherever he desired, all of a sudden Jesus appeared in the vision and broke up this union. He took the dancer in His arms and started to direct the Latin American dancer, holding her tightly. Suddenly the garment they were wearing turned from an old, worn-out, dancer's costume into the most beautiful costume with a mixture of gems and diamonds shining brilliantly.

They danced a lively, exciting dance that was passionate and captivating. You could not take your eyes off of them. The whole dance floor then turned into a map of Latin America, and when they danced across a nation, it lit up on the map.

The Lord began to expound on this vision to me: The Lord is not planning on watching this people group be held closely by the enemy any longer.

He is about to detach the things that have held Latin America in deep bondage. He is coming to heal, to restore, to bring life; and these countries will shine brilliantly with the after-effects of such an encounter. Many others will come into these countries to see what God has done. This is a sovereign move of His love, of His intimacy, and of His grace in this part of the earth.

He is Taking Back the Power of Dance!

I believe the Lord used a dancer in the vision to show that He is going to take back the power of dance in these nations. Dance will cause prophetic breakthrough, deliverance, salvation and healing in atmospheres of darkness and despair.

People that are birthed from this move of God will have a strong desire to go out to the nations and carry what they have—a deep passion for intimacy.

It will be a role reversal; nations have come into Latin America to evangelize in past generations, but this generation will be baptized in the fire of His passion. They will release passion that is not seen in other parts of the earth.

Outbreak Over Latin America

There is a righteous indignation rising in this generation to let their people go. Young intercessors will cry out for their generation to change history. Their prayers will be reinforced by the release of revival angels over Latin America, stadium gatherings, and national prayer days will be telecast all over the earth.

There have been outbreaks of God's Spirit here and there through these nations in the past, but they will soon be joined together in a rhythmic motion of the Holy Spirit.

An outbreak of unique miracles will testify of God's love for Latin America. An outbreak that will light these nations so that all the earth will be captivated by this outward expression of their passionate love affair with a powerful and loving God.

"For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty Saviour. He will take delight in you with gladness. With His love, He will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs." - Zephaniah 3:17 (NLT)

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