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A Vision of Blueprints for the United States

Cities Transformed and Strongholds Brought Down

Revival Waters and blueprints

I recently had a vision of a map of the United States, and the river systems were highlighted to me on the map. At first, I thought this was representing rival hubs breaking out over the United States, affecting cities and regions in their path. Then I saw the rivers on the map join together and become a sea covering the United States. The water was a very deep blue colour.

I heard the Lord say, "These waters are revival waters; they are this deep blue colour because they are filled with My wisdom. Those that not only drink of these revival waters but look deeper into them, will find the wisdom of God desired for transformation that has not been revealed before."

I was intrigued so I looked closer into the waters and noticed just under the surface of the water I could see blueprints and strategies and on the top of the blueprints were cities. The first one I looked at said New York. Then I noticed more blueprints just under the surface, and as I looked around in the water, at the top of each blueprint was a city name. I read Cincinnati, Baltimore and Salem. There were more blueprints further down that I could not read.

"Wow!" I thought, "that's amazing," and the vision brought to mind the Scripture from Proverbs 4:7, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."

Then the Lord said, "These blueprints are My plans for transforming cities; they are all different strategies. Those that will go beyond the surface of revival will find My wisdom and in turn, they will have understanding to cause cities to be transformed."

There was an emphasis on "deep" and I was impressed that God was looking for those who cry out to the deep; not just to receive revival but understand revival as a platform for powerful intercession needed to see transformation.

Intercessors Will Stand in the Gap!

Men and women will stand in the gap for cities. Their tears will run like rivers causing a flood of transforming power being released over the United States. This flood will be filled with the revelation of these blueprints for transformation. Every blueprint was completely different, and you will not be able to duplicate formulas city-to-city; you will have to directly do business with God. Only His wisdom will peel back the forces of darkness.

God's wisdom is given to break through into transformation toward the toughest problems as cities will be overcome with these strategies. This will be carried out by companies of divinely aligned intercessory groups. Gathering together not for self-purpose but with the common goal of seeing their region transformed.

This is a mature gathering of intercessors and there will be no time for offence, competitiveness, and self-promotion. These blueprints hold the keys to cities that will unlock the calling and destiny of each city. Every city is called to see transformation start in different societal influences. First, some will be given wisdom keys to breakout in schools, universities, and other places of learning. Others cities will have wisdom keys to unlock awakening in the arts and entertainment industries. Once these areas are broken into, the whole city will be transformed.

Our God knows the strongholds of cities. Strongholds of wrong authority will be brought down with this wisdom of God. Once they fall, everything else will fall into place. The greatest strongholds presently in these cities will become the catalysts for awakening all over the United States.

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