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It's Time to Pray for Russia

"God is Opening the Heavens Over Moscow"

Vision Over Russia

I saw the heavens opening over Moscow. There were angels in a circle formation and they started peeling back the heavens. At first, it looked like the size of a small fishing hole but as they kept pulling, it became larger and larger until it was over the whole city. The streets of Moscow could now be seen through this heavenly portal. I saw healing angels step onto the streets of Moscow; street evangelism was taking place (I am aware this defies their latest laws of no evangelism outside the Church).

This is a move of God's love to the everyday people on the streets being carried out in an inconspicuous way. Laws cannot contain God's goodness. I felt as I watched people going about their daily lives, the Father's great love, His mercy, and His compassion for the people of Russia were being poured out.

The Seeds are Sown

In the midst of all the turmoil and political unrest in the nations, God is at work. The Lord said, "The seeds of many missionaries, many ministers and many lay people are about to spring forth." I was reminded by the Lord of how He sent Rick Renner, a well-known Bible teacher and author, into Russia from the United States to plant a church back in the late 90's (which is still growing and thriving today). The obedience of such works has impacted this great city. There are others who have prayed and sown their lives for the nation of Russia. They will not be disappointed – intercessors it's harvest time!

John 12:24, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit."

It's Harvest Time

Much fruit is going to come forth from Russia even in the next few years. Things may be heating up in the political arena, but God is heating things up in the spiritual arena. The people of Russia are seeking answers that the government can no longer satisfy them with. There is a deep hunger in the Russian people that God put in this nation and it is increasing! Many unsaved will hear the testimonies of God's goodness and fall to their knees. Many other traditional Believers will have their blinders removed. It will be such a low-key invasion of God's glory with no fuss or bother. People will be meeting in houses, over dinner, running into one another in marketplaces, workplaces and sharing their encounters with God.

Prayer Will Bring a Flood into the Surrounding Regions

Prayer will become an important part of this nation's agenda (once considered a fairly prayer-less nation). It won't be only prayers going up for this nation, it will be cries coming out of this nation. The capital of Russia, Moscow, got its name from the river it is situated on (Moskva River). It's time to see this city burst forth its banks, flooding into the surrounding regions and nations. A major economic centre of not just Russia, but Eastern Europe will become a major spiritual centre.

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