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Get Ready

Wow! God is removing all the blockages from the enemy and catapulting you into your God given destiny. God has laid on my heart a message of encouragement to his people not to give up in this season, thoughts about wanting to walk away in this season have come, but He is taking his people into greater signs and wonders right now in the midst of turmoil.

Get ready for your miracle!

Miracles are made in great adversity. Get ready for your miracle. It's going to take standing strong and believing the things that have been prophesied, declared and promised in the earth for this season. The enemy is trying to discredit the voice of God on every level. Be encouraged people of God, as darkness is trying to stop breakthrough and cancel what has been proclaimed through God's prophets. Things are still getting brighter and brighter, stand still we will see the salvation of the Lord.

Don't give up in this season.

This is not the time to draw back the enemy is wrath as his days are numbered. There are assignments from the enemy against God's Prophets and Prophetic people all over the body to get you to stop, turn back withdraw. He has tried to come in by twisting words and challenging God's people saying "Did God really say that"? "Did God really promise that"? There is nothing new under the sun Satan did the same thing in the garden to Eve trying to question God's integrity. God is saying to his people "Don't pull back this is a time to go ahead keep pushing towards the high calling".

Runner Vision

I saw a vision this morning of a Runner he had almost won the race; he was at the finishing line. As he went to go through the finish line ribbon, it was made of rubber which caused the runner to be pushed backwards, stopping him from making the last steps across the finish line. He looked so frustrated just then the Lord reached down and put the rubber behind the runner and instead of a hindrance it became an object to catapult the runner forward.

God is removing all the blockages of the enemy and catapulting you into your God given destiny. Don't worry about the things that appear to be stopping you today God has a plan to see you burst into your future.

We are in the final steps of our race, and it took so much to get here these are days of celebrations. The great cloud of witness is cheering us on with the prophetic declarations of old reminding us for such a time as this we have been brought into the kingdom to destroy the work of the enemy.

We are about to see the greatest move of God ever seen in the earth, and it has already started.

Get ready!

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