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Year of the PUSH

Get Ready, 2017 is the Year of the PUSH

2017 is the year of the PUSH. There is a supernatural PUSH going on throughout the Body of Christ, to leave behind the things that so easily beset us and be propelled forward into what God has ordained for His Church.

There will be a PUSH going on in individual lives and corporately to rise up and do the things God has placed in their hearts—an urgency to get the job done.

I heard the Lord say, “Courage to move forward at all costs replaces a complacency in My people. The mindset of ‘there is plenty of time left’ will be lifted off. There will be an acceleration of plans and ideas. There is a gift of faith coming upon My people. They will see things already given to them in the spirit realm being established on Earth.”

These people He spoke of may have always known they were called to do something but could never see how it could happen. This gift of faith will cause them to see what's been impossible as possible. They will have the eyes of God to see the most difficult tasks as totally doable.

This is a holy PUSH that will put people outside their self doubt, lack of confidence, insecurity or second-guessing as they go forward. Their previous hinderances will seem insignificant in light of His plans and purposes. His plans and purposes will become their central focus instead.

As others are being PUSHED there will be divine connections made at the same time all over the Body. Relationships will be foremost, for what we could not do alone becomes easy with unity of heart and mind.

I recently had a vision where I could see people who looked like they had cement around their feet being PUSHED, and as they were the old foundations crumbled away. Then people were PUSHED again. This time they only went a short distance from the old foundation. Then there was another PUSH. This time they joined a large crowd of people.

At first they looked uncomfortable, then angels appeared to be walking through this sea of people, declaring the plans and purposes of God over individuals, churches, communities and nations. As they did this, people started to hold hands with one another and a light would form around that union.

This light became so much stronger as relationships were formed and individuals became people groups. The Lord said, “These are places of refuge. Many will come and rest and take shelter and be revived. Then they, in turn, will be PUSHED into their destiny.”

Once people were joined with others, there was another PUSH. This time as one large group of people being moved forward. They were strong and full of courage and authority as they went forward as one. The enemy’s plans that once held them back became insignificant. They became a power to be reckoned with; even the weakest link become strong in these divine connections.

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