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Divine Order

I recently had two powerful encounters with the Lord; firstly, he walked into my bedroom early one-morning last week. Jesus spoke to me about revival knocking on the door. Although this was a personal word in some areas, I believe that this was an encouraging word for the whole Body of Christ.

The Lord got my attention when he said Revival is at the door, as we have been praying for over two decades to see transformation in our region and nation like so many others throughout the earth. He started to explain that revival will not look the way the church has anticipated.

Jesus went on to say ”You will see my miracle power working in the forgotten ones—people with extreme wrong thinking, addictions, behavioural problems, family breakdowns, mental health issues. One’s that are too hard for the system; there will be referrals made to restoration ministries from mainstream medical services. They have no answers; there is a growing desperation.

Unthinkable as this seems he expounded how His favour is upon us, His presence is upon us, His anointing of sanity is resting upon the ministers of restoration. This anointing works to correct insanity. Many of these restoration ministers have stood against insanity in their own lives and gained great spiritual authority. Often God ask as a prophetic people to live a message and model the answer.

Jesus went on to say, ”Those that are called to see captives set free they will not be fearful of such intense bondage. Through personal experience, they know I can break the bonds of iniquity and reach the real person I created. As you value people, they will start to value themselves. There is a stigma attached to Mental health to be washed away in my love.”

I was processing this encounter over a few days then on Sunday during the worship I heard the Lord say pray for divine order. I am putting people’s minds into order; I will cause them to think completely different. All freedom starts with a new mindset. I started praying and saw freedom coming to different people in the spirit as divine order was released into their thinking.

The Lord said to me release divine order over the Live Stream audience, so I did. I was given an incredible testimony of a dramatic change of thinking as soon as the meeting ended.

Then the Lord connected these two encounters and showed me in this end-time outpouring there will be many miracles through his divine order disrupting the old thought patterns and causing Gods perspective, on things. A completely new way of thinking.

I sensed he is asking us to pray for two things divine order to come into lives. Example: When people are having financial problems, they need divine order. When people are having behavioural issues, they need divine order. His way of thinking causes us to walk in His blessings.

Also, in the first encounter where He said “Revival is knocking at the door”. We need to ask the Lord, how do we open the door to revival in our life, region, nation?

The Lord gave me the scriptures about the banquet in Luke 14. Two keys stood out stay humble at all cost; Humility carries glory and authority secondly who are you inviting into your world. We have been told to encourage the broken, blind, lame, hurting, lonely to come to the table and eat. Jesus came for those who needed restoration, not the healthy.

“Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do. I didn’t come to invite good people to be my followers. I came to invite sinners.” Mark 2:17

I want to encourage all those called to the hurting of this world you have been hidden in the quiver of God, but you are about to be revealed. You are a spearhead the Lord will use in the last days. To pierce the darkness. You have not laboured in vain the Lord will show his glory through you.

”He has made My mouth like a sharp sword, In the shadow of His hand He has kept Me hidden; He has made Me a sharpened arrow, In His quiver, He has hidden Me.” Isaiah 49:2

Right now, I release God’s divine order over your life.


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