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A Time of Metamorphosis and New Life

The Lord spoke to me recently about this present time through prophetic symbolism.

Firstly, I saw a beautiful but extremely tiny butterfly on the inside of my kitchen window. Generally, butterflies would land on the outside of my window, so this really got my attention. A few hours later, I saw the largest butterfly I think I have ever seen on the fence outside our sliding door.

This is what I sensed the Lord was saying about this season: We are in the process of transformation - from the smallest to the greatest. The inside of the Church and the outside perception of the Church will change. Butterflies symbolize life and hope; the Church is being repositioned to operate in life and hope.

A metamorphosis is taking place regarding the identity of the Church through this current time of pressure and uncertainty.

"Transform" is defined as "a major change in form, nature and function."

The Church as we know it is being transformed in form, nature and function. We will never be the same again.

What an exciting time to be part of God’s Kingdom as we take on a new form, a new nature and a new function. It sounds like Jesus is going to be revealed in us and through us in an unprecedented way.

What's is our part? Allowing Him to remove old mindsets and infuse us with God’s hope and expectation to transform the things around us.


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