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Harvest explosion over Germany

I saw an explosion over the map of Germany and what looked like pink dust settled upon the ground. Everywhere the dust settled people popped up like flowers from the ground. I knew the Lord was saying the soil of Germany is being fertilized and the harvest is about to come through; not just in the ones and twos; a whole crop of God’s seed is coming forth at once. A harvest explosion.

A light zoomed in on the map and I heard the name Frankfurt, sometimes called the heart of Germany. Today it is a modern city, a global city, an economic hub in Germany and in Europe. I heard the Father say, "This city and this nation are on My heart."

Revival was birthed in Frankfurt that went out into the world through a passionate protestant pastor named Philipp Jakob Spener in 1666 who brought about a dramatic transformation. I sensed this urban city is very significant in the last day awakening in the earth. Their wells will be refilled with revival waters that flow directly from the heart of the Father. It will be the headquarters for many ministries. The Spirit of God will flow out of this city into the nation and beyond.

It’s time for the next release of God’s Spirit over Germany. It will impact the young generation the millennials. They are ready to burst out of the old and step into the new. The Father is going to wash away the past stigma attached to Germany. This young generation will rewrite the history pages of who Germany is and what her purpose is in God.

Young people from all sectors of society will arise and answer the Kingdom call to see change in this nation. From this nation many other nations will be introduced to marketplace revival. Revelation was birthed by Martin Luther’s reformation here in Germany. They carry a generational blessing of reformation and evangelism. Young reformers and evangelist will take this next season very seriously, receiving blueprints for the harvest. Stadium evangelism will capture the hearts of future generations. Young people gathering together all over the nation to cry out for atmospheric change over their beautiful land and to watch Heaven come down together. There is power in the masses. This won’t be a church revival, it will be on a much larger scale.

The heart of Germany is being restored the restoration of Germany is on the pages of its scroll. Because of past hurts many withdraw and hid in shame, creating their own environments and excluding God. That is about to change. Life is being breathed back into this nation. God will become the center.

I believe the Lord was showing me that inventions will come out of this nation, and technology that will impact society. I saw some interactive worship software that will be developed, bringing the person into virtual reality in a new way.

This nation is loaded with creativity in the areas of electronics and machinery. The young millennials of the nation will lead the way. They will breakthrough in medical equipment, computerized mechanics used for operations, and medical testing that was only dreamt of 10 years ago. I also saw great advances in robotics. These advancements in technology will cause economic growth within Germany and gain the interest of the nations on the earth.

Although they might be considered by some a somber nation, I heard the Lord say, "These are the days I will turn their mourning into dancing." I saw people dancing and singing in many different settings. Young, relevant worship songs will be released and be very popular in Germany. This music will travel out to the nations. It has a purpose, carrying a strong sense of freedom. Liberation will be a theme within this music and it will cause those who hear it to be liberated.

Equipping and training prayer warriors, I saw prayer networks set up through the nation using technology and social media. I saw people going online to join this prayer movement. Young people will forge their way forward in a society that has much historical richness. Even school-age children will have opportunity to know how to hear the voice of God and pray. Schools and places of higher learning will have outbreaks of God’s Spirit.

Germany is on the timeline of God, and they will choose to follow the ancient paths.

2 Cor. 3:17, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

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