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Arrows of Victory

“The Lord’s arrows of victory are about to be shot into the enemy’s camp.”

As we have stepped into the Jewish New Year, there is a change of seasons upon us. In this season, there will be supernatural acceleration and revealing of power at work in God’s people.

We are currently living in the most unstable days on earth but also the most extraordinary days. The enemy is stirring up natural forces in the earth causing fear and destruction because he is aware that heaven is rapidly invading earth.

In this season God is calling people out of obscurity from many nations especially Australia, New Zealand & China, people whose voices have been unheard by men but heard loudly by Heaven. They will be used for amazing assignments. Their achievements will be written about for generations to come.

Prophetic voices will be revealed out of every nation in a greater way in this next season, proclaiming redemption and moving in unrecorded signs, wonders and miracles. Destroying the plans of the enemy right in the face of man for the first time in church history. Decreeing something one day and watching its manifestation the same day. Some of these have been hidden from the eyes of men but not from the eyes of our God; they are at home in the heavenly realms.


I saw a vision of the Lord blowing a long straight silver trumpet, as He blew the trumpet, sound waves imitated out of the trumpet a fine veil fell off many people. I sensed it was a call to come out into the open. An unveiling a revealing.

(I had only seen angels blowing trumpets in the past, and they were always gold in colour to my recollection) this got my attention for two reasons:

1. It was Jesus blowing the trumpet. (himself)

2. The trumpet was silver.

I asked the Lord for an explanation of these two things.

He said, “the reason He was blowing it (himself) was a declaration, it is time for spiritual restitution everything that belonged to me must be restored”. He reminded me silver is a symbol of redemption in scripture hence why the trumpet was silver.

He said, “these ones will herald in this season”.

We are in the feast of the trumpets known today as Rosh Hashanah meaning ‘Head of the Year’.

The Lord is using this prophetic time of the New Year to unveil His purposes; many will be used as arrows of the Lord. He will shoot them directly into the enemy’s camp to bring victory. Nations that have looked overrun and defeated today will be transformed.

These arrows of the Lord have been prepared through the many battles they stood against the enemy, they have developed ears to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying in the midst of great adversity. He has shaped and formed these arrows in the secret place for this hour. The Lord has been sharpening His prophetic spearhead ministers who have stood for many years on the front line of the battle field and been wounded and rejected over and over, but the Lord has not allowed them to give up, they have been strengthened by His Spirit again and again. These are God’s spearhead arrows who have been prepared in hiddenness.

"He has made My mouth like a sharp sword, In the shadow of His hand He has concealed Me, And He has also made Me a select arrow, He has hidden Me in His quiver." - Isaiah 49:2 (NASB)

The Lords arrows of victory are going to destroy the enemy’s plans.

The Lord also said, “I am opening the eyes of these ones to see into the realms of the spirit giving them greater insight on how to dismantle the plans and strategies the works of evil”. Treacherous works of the enemy will be blown apart before they can come to pass, by the insight I am giving such ones.

"And he said, “Open the window eastward,” and he opened it. Then Elisha said, “Shoot,” and he shot. And he said, “The LORD’s arrow of victory, the arrow of victory over Syria!".... - 2 Kings 13:17 (ESA)

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