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Norway, your Skies will light up with the Glory of God!

Recently, the Lord drew my attention to Norway. As I was studying a map of the Nordic countries, the Lord said, “I have not forgotten this region.”

I saw this picturesque nation, Norway, which hugs the coastline of the Nordic nations, symbolized as an apostolic father with outstretched arms, embracing the surrounding nations.

I believe the Lord was showing me that Norway is an apostolic nation. Spiritual fathers and mothers have left their shores throughout history. There has been a preparation in the spirit to once again see this nation equip and train the next generation to go out and prophetically hold up the leaders' hands of the surrounding nations, and other parts of Europe.

Norway has Pentecostal roots firmly woven into the history of its nation. Considered to be the spiritual father of the Pentecostal movement in Norway, Thomas Ball Barratt was English born but migrated to Norway with his family at a very young age. This Wesleyan Methodist pastor powerfully encountered the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Azusa Street, while on a fund raising trip to America for his Mission work.

Barratt brought back the awareness of the Spirit of God to Norway. As this Pentecostal movement spilled over into surrounding nations, Barratt started spreading the glorious news, holding revival meetings and inviting people to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Barratt is also considered one of the founding fathers of the Pentecostal movement in other European nations including Britain, his birthplace.

The Lord showed me that the same revival angels that were assigned to Azusa street, the angels of “Wind and Change,” were sent back to Norway to bring the winds of change through the ministry of Barratt, causing this great awakening throughout Europe at the turn of the century.

These revival angels are still on assignment. There are apostolic fathers and mothers who will once again release these mighty harvesting angels over Norway; this will spill out into the surrounding Nordic and European nations.

Winds of revival will blow over the majestic landscape of Norway, and they will blow on religious organizations and denominations. Once again, hunger will be stirred in the people of Norway.

I had a vision of Norway being set on fire and embers leaping out of this nation into other Nordic and northern European nations. As these embers landed, small apostolic hubs and prayer houses were birthed. These became the fuel needed to keep the flames alight in these nations. The intercessory prayer turned into gold liquid, and the Lord used it like petrol to sustain the flames. As these apostolic hubs and prayer houses multiplied, nations were set ablaze.

There is a shift in the spiritual climate over the nation of Norway.

Norway, your harvest is at hand. Apostolic fathers and mothers, release these harvesting angels as your sons and daughters go into the fields and reap the harvest. Some of these seeds of revival have been in the ground for over a century. Push forward to the high calling and leave what has burdened you. Your ancient paths are being restored. The scroll over Norway has been opened in Heaven, and your greatest days lie ahead.

Then I heard the song ”Great Are You Lord.” Part of the chorus says, "It's Your breath in our lungs..." Once again the breath of God will fill the lungs of Norway and many will sing, ”Great are You, Lord!” The northern skies will be lit up with the glory of the Lord for all to see.

“I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north, an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal, and in the fire was what looked like four living creatures, In appearance their form was human.” (Ezekiel 1:4-5)


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