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Go Again

hand with rain falling in it, in the background is the words go again

I witnessed the Lord atop a mountain, urging His people to eagerly anticipate the arrival of rain. I distinctly heard the words, "Go Again." This reminded me of the passage from James 5:17-18, which speaks of Elijah's prayers for rain and the subsequent drought and downpour.


In 1 Kings 18, Elijah prayed for rain on Mount Carmel and sent his servant to look for it. Seven times, he urged the servant to "go again." Finally, a small cloud emerged, leading to a heavy rainstorm. Verse 46 mentions how the Lord granted the Prophet Elijah special strength to run ahead of Ahab's chariot.


I sensed that the Lord was conveying a message: it's time to revisit and persist in prayers for things we previously prayed for but haven't fully witnessed yet. Jesus stands with us on this mountain, ready to see His promises fulfilled. Don't stop striking the ground commanding the land to yield a harvest. 


The Lord is giving special strength, as mentioned in verse 46, to run ahead of the enemy to those who “go again”.


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