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America the Beautiful

I heard the Patriotic song “America the Beautiful “written by Katherine Lee Bates in 1893 over and over in my head there was an emphasis on the infamous line “ from sea to shining sea”.

I felt that the Lord was reminding the nation of America that they belong to the Lord, He shall have dominion in this nation from sea to shining sea.

“He shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth." Psalm 72:8

It may not look like it right now but He always has the last say. It may look like everything is in an uproar as the hoards of hell have unleashed assignments against the United States greatest strengths their patriotism and brotherhood.

A few lines prior in this song it says “God shed his grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood”

There is a grace on the United States of America to live in harmony together every tongue, every culture, every tribe.

Often referred to as a melting pot, the land of opportunity, the great frontier, a lighthouse for the nations. This beautiful nation has been crowned by God in brotherhood. It carries a mantel of brotherhood that has been seen throughout history again and again. Within its own shores and exercised towards other allied nations. That is why the enemy has tried to discredit this anointing, causing strife and division at a national level.

I believe the Lord was showing me the Nation of United States of America will arise in patriotism and brotherhood once again. Before every great move of God there was a resurgence of patriotism. This song “America the Beautiful “was written under the inspiration of God regarding her majestic beauty and her unity. In the midst of division at every level there will be an overwhelming sense of “We can do this together”. The mission slogan statement I heard ringing out over the nation, it's origin heaven but will be implemented by those of influence within this nation.

I saw a vision of the United States of America as I looked out over the nation there were millions of flags being flown all over the nation it was a sea of red, white and blue. I heard the Lord say “ America the Beautiful your time has come to shine from sea to shining sea”. The nations of the earth will witness one of the biggest turn arounds in history. I am removing the deceit and lies that have captured this nation and replacing them with truth and justice. All parts of societal influence will be affected. Hold your head up America I am going to make you proud of your nation in a fresh new way.”

As the United States is about to hold their elections in only a few weeks. I sensed there would be an influx of hidden things uncovered and made public during these turbulent times. This will influence the voters of America to seek God instead of man. The Lords hand is firmly upon this nation; this will be one of America’s finest hours.


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