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A Serious Chat with Jesus

an autum leaf with the words a serious chat with jesus behind it.

Jesus invited me to join Him in conversation.

I closed my eyes and a scene unfolded before me there were blue skies above, a beautiful autumn day with leaves of various golden and brown hues blanketed the ground. Beneath a large tree, a park bench awaited, and there sat Jesus, appearing relaxed yet there was a sense he held a weighty message.


Jesus began, "Daughter, this moment is pivotal as the preparation for the manifestation of my glory on Earth—the most powerful outpouring ordained since the dawn of time.


More than wars, economies, governments, unbelief, or religion, the absence of the fear of the Lord hinders the manifestation of my glory. 


Parts of my body have set their own standards, growing complacent towards the sins of the heart which bear the weight of blood-guiltiness. They've feared the world and each other more than they've feared me, crafting their own interpretations of who I am. 


"Therefore, while God overlooked the times of ignorance, now He commands all people to change their ways, repent for past sins, and seek His purpose for their lives." (Acts 17:30)


My people will weep over sin once more, as a spirit of repentance shall descend upon my sons and daughters paving the way for a resurgence of the fear of the Lord within my House . As they repent, they will see my manifest glory increase this will encourage them to push harder into my ways.

The fear of the Lord carries my wisdom Proverbs 9:10 this will be needed in the days that lay ahead. 


"But with you is forgiveness, that you may be feared." (Psalm 130:4)


After this profound conversation, I was left with contemplative thoughts but also uplifted by Jesus's evident love and care for His Bride to be aligned and dressed in His glory.


Interpretation of this encounter -

The day appeared bright and clear, signifying there is a bright future for the Body of Christ, greater clarity ahead, a shift in seasons, reflected in the changing colours of the leaves. This dialogue unfolded on a park bench—a symbol of intimacy, akin to a place where lovers might meet. In this hour He is ministering to us as the Bride of Christ. Jesus's manner wasn't condemning or severe, yet the topic discussed held great weight.


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