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2024 · Yearly Prophecy

2024/5784 Shift, Change & Transformation

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As we enter 5784/2024, we find ourselves in a year of profound Shift, Change, and Transformation, akin to passing through the eye of a needle. It's essential to recognize that this message isn't meant to condemn but to encourage reflection and attentive listening.


The number 4 (Dalet) holds significance, symbolizing doors, foundations, and selflessness in Hebrew. Last September 15th, during Rosh Hashanah, I had a vision. I saw an open gate in an ancient city, I knew it was the "eye of the needle," camels and riders were loaded with baggage and lining up outside the gate.


They were unaware of the size of their cargo until they got stuck. Some removed their burdens to navigate the door, while others considered alternative routes. Jesus was on the other side of the gate beckoning them to come through, giving instructions on how to navigate the space.

The message was clear: to enter the upcoming season, we must shed our baggage. We may not have fully grasped the extent of what we carried from the past, but it seems crucial for our future to let it go. I had the impression excess baggage had hindered us from passing through doors of opportunity in the past. Now there seemed to be an urgency to see hindrances removed. 


Remarkably, the door in the vision remained permanently open, like certain gates in ancient cities. God has unlocked doors of opportunity in the spiritual realm that the enemy cannot close at this time. However, to enter these doors successfully, we must undergo a purifying process initiated by the Lord. 

This cleansing can be challenging but essential for what lies ahead.


Many of us have been working on purification over the past few years. It is necessary for this season of shifting, changing, and transforming. Selflessness is key. It involves surrendering our ego and desires to align with the covenants, plans and purposes of the Holy Spirit. There must be a shift in our lives to see change and transformation will follow.


Let's delve further into the significance of the "eye of the needle" gate mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 19. The Body of Christ is symbolized by the "rich men" laden with glory and gifts. Jesus is asking us to lay down everything, He wants to give us the new.


The "Eye of the Needle" gate, located in Damascus, served as a side entrance, and was not designed for laden animals, especially camels with bulky side loads. This gate led to "The Straight Street," mentioned in Acts 9. This was the Street Saul was transformed into Paul.


Jesus emphasized the significance of this open gate leading us into miraculous transformations. It also points to incredible prayer assignments being released over the global intercessors. As we saw in these scriptures in Acts 9 Paul prayed and God answered his prayer sending a man of God whom Paul saw in a vision to restore his sight. 


Jesus also highlighted "Foundations" emphasizing that our foundations must be solid. Matthew 7:24-25 illustrates the importance of building on the right foundation.


Our callings, ministries, families, assignments, and giftings must be established on solid ground, or they risk crumbling. In recent years we have been prompted to examine our foundational integrity. It's time to confront tough questions, ensuring our motivations align with Jesus' divine purpose and address areas where God prompts a shift in mindsets. Even the smallest crack in our foundation could jeopardise our entire structure.


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