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God’s company of Doves

There has been a heaviness overshadowing the people of God. Amidst the changes, of no gatherings, isolation, social distancing, financial pressure over the past month.

This morning when I woke up, I heard a crackling noise in the spirit realm.

I knew it was a shift in the atmosphere. Nothing much may have changed in the natural, but in the spiritual we are moving forward at a rapid pace. It was the sound of a breakthrough.

Hope is rising in the hearts of Gods people.

This shift started in our mindsets a realisation we are the church with or without a building, we will gather on the airways with or without a building. We will carry Gods glory in the earth with or without a building. Our voices will be heard with or without a building. Prayer will cover the earth with or without a building.

One of our watchman in my home city Cairns Australia was telling me she was a part of an international prayer call on zoom recently and there were approximately 137,000 online. There is currently another planned prayer call over Passover, where they are expecting hundreds of thousands of people globally. Wow!!! Amazing.

These are unprecedented times people are ruling in the midst of their enemies.

It tells us in scripture Ephesians 2:2

Satan is “the prince of the air” well he might be, but God our King is taking over the airways in the earth. He is going to use every form of media to release the glory of the Lord in pandemic proportions.

There is a determination flooding the hearts and minds of the people of God; we will get God’s job done during this period.

We will see the one billion soul harvest in the earth start to be released by the middle of this year. Distance or time will not bring restrictions to the evangelistic tool of social media. Media platforms will open up in untouched areas.

What the enemy planned for evil is being turned around for good at an alarming rate. This transformation that is taking place is a launching pad for a worldwide awakening.

God is firstly awakening the church to its power, giving her impossibility thinking.

An awakening to our total reliance on God and God alone.

All trust in programs and fanfare is being taken away. There are no answers, but in

God and God alone. Many have been free from such things for a long time, so the adjustments are not as great, but others are still finding their way.

A divine unity is forming globally where people felt isolated and unable to fit in; they will find their niche and start to function at a higher level. Global Families are being created at this time. This is directly coming against the orphan spirit that has tried to keep the Body of Christ fragmented and powerless.

This third wave is all about families locally, nationally and globally. The Lord has spoken to me many times about Apostolic, Prophetic families arising out of regions and nations. These companies of doves will move in sync dovetailing off of one another.

People will not be known in the same individual light more by the family or company name. These are ones God has knitted their hearts together. Their authority will soar above the plans of the enemy. This company of doves will have a sense of family and protection that we have never seen before in church history. They will care for their wounded and carry the burden for those on the frontline. Great will be their peace.

”When you lie down among the sheepfolds, You are like the wings of a dove covered with silver, And its pinions with glistening gold.” Psalm 68:13

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