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“Breakthrough Cost Something”

The Lord was speaking to me as an encouragement for those who are seeking breakthrough in the Body.

Perhaps you’re facing a significant barrier in your life or ministry now, and you feel stuck.

It could be a financial lack, a lie you have believed, a painful event, a disappointment or a challenging work environment.

Regardless of what it is, we desperately need God to dramatically breakthrough in every area of our lives.

I sense many people right now are facing impossible situations they need breakthrough in their lives.

What we need to know is that breakthrough is not something we sit around and wait for.

God is waiting on us to respond to what He has already commanded and already promised, and breakthrough will follow.

Breakthrough costs something - if you have ever broken through in an area, you would know this is true.

Breakthrough never happens; you have to take a risk to see things change, but God Is not asking us to go it alone.

He puts people around us who are like minded to stand with us to see breakthrough.

To have breakthrough you have to breakthrough something

Definition -”To make or force a way through ”

I have found - Most of the time it’s not demons, and demonic attacks stopping us it has more to do with breaking through restricted mindsets or wrong ways of thinking.

Expanding our thinking is often a process of continually chipping away at built up walls and barriers. Some we have used these walls as protection and for survival.

If you have ever laboured to see breakthrough in your life or in other people's lives you will know it costs something.

We have to realise that we don’t always get what we want when we want it.

Most things require persistence, particularly breakthrough.

It's important to persevere when things get hard if we want to see breakthrough. Perseverance is one of the keys to breakthrough.

So many People in the body are not believing for breakthrough they are waiting, for breakthrough in their family, marriage, finances, health etc

Are we? Believing or waiting ( if you can't see it you can't have it) we are co-creators commissioned to bring what we see in the spirit realm to pass.

Believing is active not passive.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Hebrews 11:6

One of the barriers to breakthrough is unbelief that God has good plans for your life. He is a rewarder.

We have to "believe in God's goodness , in every situation God has already authorized the breakthrough" for your life.

He broke through (even hell) for us to have breakthrough.

Take the first step by believing that breakthrough is for you, your region or nation.

Make a decision not to settle with normal Christian life, desire everything God has got you.

One of the barriers that can also block breakthrough in your life is what we say.

Words have the power to shape the course of your life. If you want breakthrough to come in an area of your life you have been praying for, speak the right words and declare the promises of God no matter how your life or the situation looks like right now.

God's words have the power and the DNA to change situations and circumstances that in the natural cannot be changed. So it's important we are releasing our breakthrough.

When God speaks he creates.

Man is so unique filled with the breath of God, therefore carrying the DNA of God.

The Word “ to speak” is a causative verb Me-da-bah in the Hebrew, it means to say a thing and to cause or you could say create a thing. So when God said “ Let there be light” he said a words that caused light to manifest immediately.

There is another insight to breakthrough not spoken of often.

I believe personally that Breakthrough is accelerated in our life through helping someone else breakthrough

”And if you are not faithful with other people’s things, why should you be trusted with things of your own?” Luke 16:12

As we stand with others, as we turn our attention to others needs we are making inroads to our own breakthrough.

We learn from standing with others, we learn as we watch their faith, their mistakes, their determination, their endurance.

We were created to stand as a family, to receive the anointing for our breakthrough by being around people who have already broken through in that area.

The fastest way to breakthrough things in your life is being faithful with another man’s breakthrough then God will trust us with our own.

I am praying for your breakthrough today.

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