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A Leap of Faith

I woke up this morning to the words “leap of faith” I was impressed a leap of faith is needed at this time, the Lord was speaking to us as individuals and corporately. Also I had a knowing we are waiting for God to push us out of our comfort zone and he is waiting for us to take a leap of faith.

I saw a green tree frog leaping from one tree to another very high up in the air at first it looked like he just made it clinging on to the branches for life than with each leap although the trees were all the same distance it became effortless.

I felt the Lord was saying he is asking us to FINISH BIG in 2019, to go higher and wider with our faith than what is comfortable.

All we will have is Him to cling to at these heights. Every time we exercised our faith; it becomes easier. The stepping out becomes second nature.

Most people as the year comes to a close they have a tendency to wind down their faith. Possessing the attitude I will attend to that next year the holidays are close.

I felt the Lord is saying don’t let your FAITH go on holidays. So many projects involving Kingdom building and restoration were birthed over the last part of 2019 in the hearts of the believers.

This is a time where we need to keep the pressure on the promises of God for manifestation. Keep decreeing the end from the beginning, keep praising God for the breakthrough, keep pushing open the windows of faith. Like the tree frog we were designed to take giant leaps of faith.

Those that listen to this word and put it into action, will be in a much stronger place starting 2020.

Preparation is everything in the kingdom those who have faced faith trails in 2019 but kept their ground and pushed forward until the end. Promotion is your reward. Promotion to see your FAITH that will rule over your enemies in an effortless way.

What we do in the close of this year determines what position we will be in to start off next year.

I saw a running race about to start, not everyone was starting at the same time it was a staggered start. The people who were given a head start were wearing T-shirts with the word overcomer written on the back. It was not important to be the fastest in this race it was all about enduring and overcoming until the end.

”And the one overcoming and keeping My works until the end; I will give to him authority over the nations, ” Revelation 2:26

This is not a time to relax or quit be encouraged to finish strong in 2019 and receive authority to rule in 2020.

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