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What God Showed Me Over France, Germany and Switzerland

Recently, I visited Europe and was blessed to be able to minister in Mainz, Germany. I was aroused inwardly for the European nations of France, Germany and Switzerland. I believe God is doing something in Europe, something we have not seen before in these nations. A sweeping hand is coming out of Heaven and across Europe, bringing transformation to a hungry, young generation.

Jesus once again will be on the throne of Europe. He is tearing down every man-made structure. Only His everlasting Kingdom will stand forever. I believe ministries like Awakening Europe are important forerunners who are playing a crucial part in ministering to the heart of Europe. These stadium evangelists are not only saving but releasing this generation into a new era of marketplace evangelism.

"In the time of those kings, the God of Heaven will set up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever." (Daniel 2:44)

France Will Burn with "Fresh Fire"

I was in the city of Paris the night of the fire in the Notre Dame tower, and had visited Notre Dame earlier that day. It was with fervor that the people of France started to give for the rebuilding of the Notre Dame tower, and it was supernatural how quickly the funds were raised without asking for them. The Parisian people gave passionately out of the goodness of their hearts.

The Lord started to talk to me about this amazing nation, saying, "France is known for its designer labels; it will be known as a place God designed to carry His label." When I asked Him what would it be labeled, He said, "Fresh Fire."

"Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before You! As when fire sets twigs ablaze and causes water to boil, come down to make Your name known to Your enemies and cause the nations to quake before You!" (Isaiah 64:1-2)

"Fresh Fire" burning with God's love will open doors to supernatural provision for this next generation to rebuild their thinking from the old to the new wineskin. Many apostolic and prophetic people will be stirred in their hearts to stand with the nation of France and assist with this spiritual rebuilding. Other nations will come carrying fresh fire until the young generation of France is fully ignited and ablaze. Transformation will start to take place in this nation as this fresh fire spreads.

This move will be accelerated by the help that will flood into France from other nations. Apostolic leaders, evangelists, and prophets will come from other nations to hold up the hands of the French leaders who have been pushing forward to see transformation in their nation against many adversaries. This nation is being aligned to other nations and ministries to see all God has ordained for this great country.

There will be a whisper in the nations saying something is happening in the nation of France. God's presence is breaking down tradition and breaking forth in renewal. There will be a joy in this fresh fire that will be a hallmark for this end-time move of God's Spirit.

Germany, "Go into All the Earth and Make Disciples of Nations"

When I arrived in Germany, I went to speak in the most beautiful city of Mainz, Germany, situated on the banks of the Rhein River outside of Frankfurt. I had been given a word for that region, which was posted by the Elijah List in November 2018: Harvest Explosion over Germany, so it was so exciting to be on that soil and sense the Spirit of God moving in the people and in this strong nation.

That night, inside the Apostolic Ministry School I was speaking at, I had a vision. During the worship I saw a portal being opened over that region and water being poured in from Heaven. In the past, I had seen fountains springing up from cities, ministries and people groups, but this was different—it was being poured down from the reserves of Heaven with great intensity.

I believe the ministry I was standing in was an oasis where people could come and be refreshed in that region. The Lord called the people of this Rhineland-Palatinate state "Reformers" and "Restorers." It was a prophetic symbol of many other such ministries arising in this nation.

A strong apostolic/prophetic move has already started in the nation of Germany. Although there has been resistance, they have forged ahead. I saw many such portals opening over the nation like the one I saw in the ministry school, and God was pouring in the waters of Heaven to refresh and restore the people of Germany.

There have been many obstacles to overcome in Germany, but the apostolic/prophetic forerunners of this nation are about to see fruit in this generation they have interceded for over the past decades. Be encouraged intercessors! The harvest of the land is in seed form—command it to come forth. Prayer houses and ministry schools will become an oasis for the weary and battle fatigued Christians of the land.

This move will be marked by the Father's embrace, a reformation of His love, especially in those who are weary from the sting of traditional religion. The Father is holding this nation in His arms and wiping away the reproach of the past, birthing His beloved Germany into their divine destiny as evangelistic reformers and restorers.

I heard these words: "Germany, go into all the earth and make disciples of nations."

Switzerland, God is Giving You Heavenly Blueprints can anyone not be overwhelmed with the majestic beauty of this land? There is a strong frequency of Heaven opened over this nation. The atmosphere is filled with divine revelation. The creative, prophetic revelation over this nation has broken down barriers between Heaven and Earth. There is a creative anointing over this nation to see the expression of Heaven's creative power in prophetic art, prophetic writings, prophetic dance, prophetic worship and other creative expressions. The inspiration of creation itself fills the pristine air.

I sensed the nation of Switzerland was a portal of Heaven's revelation, a place where people would be filled, trained, energized and sent out to the nations of the earth, filled with Heaven's revelation, especially into neighboring European nations. At this time, the portal is being enlarged and Heaven's plans are being downloaded into the hearts and minds of those seeking divine revelation, especially in the area of God's prayer strategies and plans.

I also felt there was an incredible movement of intercessory prayer bubbling up in this nation due to the heightened frequency of Heaven, with 24/7 prayer houses popping up throughout the nation.

I saw a vision of a boardroom in a conference center in the city of Geneva. The people inside it were international, apostolic prayer leaders and I recognized some of them. They had come together to receive heavenly prayer strategies that would affect not only the nation of Switzerland, but world events. As people were praying I saw blueprints float down from Heaven, and as they opened their eyes, the blueprints were before them. What was significant was that there were a lot of details on each sheet. Written across the top of each blueprint in large letters was written: "THE EARTH BELONGS TO THE SONS OF MEN" (Psalm 115:16).

As this prayer movement grows, many international prayer gatherings and conferences will be carried out in this nation. International prayer networks and ministries will see the importance of praying out of this nation and plant their roots on her fertile soil.

Be encouraged, intercessors and watchman of Switzerland, you will be instrumental in many prayer victories in the nations of the earth. Your faithfulness has not gone unnoticed in the courts of Heaven. You are instrumental at this time of spiritual increase within your own nation and the nations of Europe.

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