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Korea Trip | Healing Testimonies

We have had a number of miracles, breakthroughs and deliverances here in Busan, Korea but below are just two of the healing miracles that have occurred here so far. 😁

The first miracle happened to Ps Victoria a Pastor from a city called Kimpo. On Thursday when we arrived in Korea Ps Victoria picked us from the airport to take us to the train station where we would then travel to Busan. At the train station, she asked us for prayer but didn’t explain what the prayer was for? Without hesitation, both Ps Massey & myself began to pray as we were praying she started shaking! we didn’t take any notice just thought ‘wow! she is open to God’. 😄

Today she caught the train three and a half hours to visit us and tell us she was healed (she was so excited). She was healed from some type of autoimmune disease (which she never told us she had). It had caused her a lot of pain and was crippling to the point that she was going to give up on ministry. How amazing is God 😍

Our Second miracle was on Miss Kim who is a part of Pastor Lee’s ministry school team. Ps Massey prayed for her ankle because the bone was fused and she could not move it from a terrible accident as a child. As Ps Massey was praying the ankle bone started cracking 😲 and we were amazed! both us and Miss Kim heard it. We have had her moving it the rest of the afternoon. We believe God will restore full mobility.

So many more amazing miracles and breakthroughs are yet to happen on this Korea Trip! ❤️🇰🇷

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