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Prophetic Whisper | Good Soldier

This is not a time to draw back its a time for the sword to be drawn warriors- Family is always worth fighting for be encouraged today. He is the one who gives back what is lost. We agree together that you will receive all that has been stolen.

I speak over you, My faithful one, endure all things for love as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and always set His faithfulness before your eyes as your supreme example.

I will restore you. Never limit Me. I will restore your family and those you love. They will see Me in your life and know that I am the One who gives back to you what has been lost. Don’t doubt My grace that is enough for you and for your family.

”Let my passion for life be restored, tasting joy in every breakthrough you bring to me. Give me more of your Holy Spirit-Wind so that I may stand strong and true to you! Then I can show to other guilty ones how loving and merciful you are. They will find their way back home to you, knowing that you will forgive them.” - Psalm 51:12-13 The Passion Translation

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