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"Jesus is saying , "Let's cross to the other side"

The Lord started to speak to me about transitioning. We are in transition in the Church and many of us personally.

The word transition comes from the Latin root word "going across."

I felt the Lord was asking the question, "Are we ready to cross over?"


I saw a picture of people swimming across a channel it didn't look wide some would get close to the shore line of the other side then turn around and go back. As they got closer to the other side the waves became larger and were crashing on the shoreline. Because people swimming could not see the shoreline for the waves they would retreat when they were so close. Some were waiting in the shallows for a perfect wave others were getting tired from the swim and started to struggle. There were some that made the crossing and they were encouraging others to come on shore when people did arrive onshore they were given provisions. E.g. tents, supplies , clothing, etc

We are all experiencing transition the Body of Christ is on the fringe of the greatest move of God ever seen in history. At the same time the people of God are being aligned to transition into their greater destinies.

In any transition there first comes unsettling , dissatisfaction you are no longer content with the way things have been in the past this prepares you to be ready to cross over.

What does that look like people crossing over into their divine callings? Well I would say, not doing church the same, past structures dictated if we were not serving in a church roll then we were not really serving God.

The millennium church is awakened to the fact God is asking us to transform our communities and see our nations changed radically through fulfilling positions in the seven spheres of societal influence.

Some of us have been trained in the church and are now transitioning out into the community to take up positions.

To the onlooker it may be like what are those people doing?

I am not saying people are leaving the church no that is the hub of God everyone should serve in the church to some capacity that's our worship unto the Lord. But, I am saying church structure is leaving God's people across all denominations.

Some are being called out to influence regions and nations through their life vocations, by changing laws, changing perspectives and changing culture.

Others are being transitioned into positions within the church who have been trained in the secular system. It's time for God's kingdom to function the way he created it as a world influence.

Fulfilling our greater destiny is God's focus not where it's filled.

There is always going to be an opportunity to want to return back to where you came from but it's on the other side where equipping, provision, the promise land awaits.

God has a land of promise for you the wilderness you have experienced is part of the transition don't be tempted to turn back.

What is God asking us in times of transition

He is asking for our YES!!

By saying yes it doesn't mean you know the whole plan, it doesn't mean you are instantly delivered but it does mean you are inviting God to align you into your divine destiny by surrendering your will.

The lord spoke clearly and said "You know What stops people from transitioning? they count the cost before they have paid a cent. They start to think of all they have to give up all they have to sacrifice."

God wants to take us through transition as quickly as possible but He needs to make sure we are able to stand in what he gives us.

That takes maturity and strength.

Transitioning is a process not a once-off event be patient in the process.

God is encouraging the Body right now to cross over embrace the process of transition. You are close to the shore don't look back keep pushing forward towards the high calling.

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