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The Sons and Daughters of God are returning

"As surely as I live, your children will be like jewels that a bride wears proudly." (Isaiah 49:18)

I was thinking about the billion soul harvest of young people coming into the Kingdom of God—the prophetic promise given to Bob Jones in 1975 while visiting Heaven. How close we are to see the fulfilment.

The Lord dropped into my heart the question: “Who will be the one to lead this great harvest?” Then I sensed His reply. Many of the young people that were swept out of the Church over the past two decades would be involved in leading this great harvest. I had the impression there were many young people coming into the Kingdom who were pastors’ children and those in ministry, and those who have faithfully served the Lord. The prayers of the Saints will not fail. They have been stored in the golden bowls of Heaven (see Revelation 5:8) and are about to be poured out.

The plan of the devil at the turn of this millennium was to remove the future leaders of this great end-time harvest. Be encouraged, God's plan is to deliver and heal our young people from every nation, and it is happening right now through a wave of His great love.


I saw a massive wave sweeping everything in its path and leaving a giant hole as the water was sucked back into the sea. As it came back to shore it was carrying young people. Some of them were surfing the wave, others were being pushed along by the force of the wave—there were others that looked like they were almost drowning. Then I saw lifeguards jump in the water and drag them to shore and start to do CPR on them. As they revived them, their eyes were open I heard the lifeguards say, "Welcome back home, we have been waiting for you!” Then I realised the lifeguards were angels.

Many of our young leaders were swept away on a wave of destruction. They have been lost in a sea of pain and hopelessness not knowing how to get home. As the wave of the Father’s love came back to shore these young people were not just being carried in by the wave they were being immersed in the Fathers love. They were swept back into God’s plans, destiny and God's mandate for their lives. The devil will regret taking them out! The longer they were out, the more powerful their testimony and ministry.

The Lord has used this prodigal experience to remove all religion and equip them for the harvest. Their zeal will outweigh even the Jesus Movement. They are coming back with amazing testimonies and passion that will win the hearts of this generation and the generations to come.

The Church's part is to be prodigal fathers and mothers with outstretched arms, waiting for our sons and daughters to return. We are to embrace them with a grace that gives them the power to overcome. We are to wash away all guilt and shame in the Father’s love and clothe them with righteousness and place a ring of sonship upon their hands and give them shoes of peace. They have been brought back to the Kingdom for such a time as this—to bring in the harvest as they will be able to relate to this generation without judgement or pride. These sons and daughters will make the Father proud! They once were lost and now are found.

Now is an appointed time to cry out with tears of joy for our sons and daughters. Declare the books of Heaven open, where all their days are written. Proclaim their victory for His name’s sake.

Not one plan or purpose of these young ones will fall to the ground. Every word will come to pass in Jesus’ name. No matter how difficult it has been or may look, we are going to see our children and spiritual children fulfil their greater destiny in this hour.

Isaiah 43:6

"I will say to the north, ‘Give up,’ and to the south, ‘Do not withhold!’ Bring My sons from afar and My daughters from the end of the earth".

Isaiah 49:17-18

"Your children will soon return to you, and the people who defeated you and destroyed you will leave. Look up and look around you. All your children are gathering to return to you." The Lord says, "As surely as I live, your children will be like jewels that a bride wears proudly".

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