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Get Ready for an Upgrade

The Lord was showing me that many of God's people have faced some of their toughest battles and some are still standing in the midst of the battle.

This word is for you, God has seen what the enemy has done, but he has used it to launch you into a larger place in the spirit. So many of God's people are receiving an upgrade right now even though it looks like they were overcome or defeated. It's not over! God is showing up in the battle in a glorious way the enemy will be so sorry he messed with God's elect. As the enemy has come in, the Lord like a flood has lifted up a standard against him.

God's people are coming out determined, full of faith and filled with the knowledge of that their God is able. There is an attitude mindset happening all over the body you messed with the wrong people.

Where the devil tried to confine you, you are about to branch out. Where he brought sickness, you are about to arise with healing in your hands. Where he tried to rob from you financially, an avalanche of finances is coming your way.

As the Lord is showing me these things, there is a great excitement filling the air of heaven.

The saints of God will count it all joy when they face different temptations in the future, as they recall what happened the last time the enemy came near the prospect of facing another trial will be a guarantee of acceleration.

Testimonies of deliverance, restoration, escape will appear so many it will be hard to keep up with them. The internet will be the main media source but as it becomes popular regular forms of media will show interest.

God is enlarging your place in the Spirit; you will walk in an authority that can only be birthed in adversity. So many are being called into this larger place in the Spirit. Promotion is being released from heaven. I saw the Lord pinning on many saints gold battle medallions right in the middle of the battle as he did their whole countenance changed they look rested and full of confidence and faith in God. The Lord said to me;

"I am always close, the battle belongs to me".

Isaiah 54

Sing, O childless woman! Break out into loud and joyful song, Jerusalem,[a] for she who was abandoned has more blessings* now than she whose husband stayed! 2 Enlarge your house; build on additions; spread out your home! 3 For you will soon be bursting at the seams! And your descendants will possess the cities left behind during the exile and rule the nations that took their lands.

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