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God's Surprise Party

I went to bed late last night very intoxicated with the presence of God we had just finished off an amazing weekend with a fire tunnel with Kevin and Lana Vawser.

This short vision took me by surprise!

I walked into a dark room and the lights came on and everyone jumped out and shouted "SURPRISE" and I was sincerely surprised. My first thought was it's not my birthday. The people that jumped out I noticed some were holding gifts of all shapes and sizes that were wrapped in colourful paper some held balloons others whistles.

Written on the balloons were names of people who surprised the world they were now part of the great cloud of witnesses. I could read a few names Katherine Kuhlman, John Wesley, William Seymour their were others.

Then I asked the Lord what are you showing me he said "my church is coming of age it is maturing and it's about to have a surprise party". "I know how to Party".

He asked me the question what happens at a surprise party? I replied "people are surprised and they have fun". He replied "I am going to surprise my people and teach them how to have fun in my presence".

I wondered about the definition of surprise - an unexpected or astonishing event or fact.

The Surprise Party

People of God will be surprised, the Lord said we are going to be surprised the church will be surprised with my Goodness surprised how I show up, surprised when and on who. I am breaking the mould, church formulas won't work in this season. Church is about to get messy and turn into a big surprise party. People will be surprised as they will come in one way and leave completely changed. They will also be surprised as they watch others instantly transformed.

The Gifts

I wondered about the gifts , balloons and whistles the Lord said it's time to open the gifts of God not just the spiritual gifts you know of. I come bearing gifts for this season that will surprise you. The gifts are in different shapes and colours because they are outside the box and will be considered colourful and fun - divine multiplication, gifts of divine acceleration, gifts of divine faith, gifts of divine revelations. I sensed one area the gift of divine revelation was referring to was seeing and understanding the angelic realm in a much clearer way then the church has in the past. God is opening the dimensions of his glory up to his people to partner and interact with his angelic army like never before.

The Balloons

The balloons that had names written on them represent forerunners to this hour who had longed for this day. I asked the Lord why balloons? he said balloons are filled with air, the words of the great saints spoken on earth are honoured in heaven. These balloons are like a memorial to the words spoken by these great saints on earth it is their very breath used to fill these balloons they never will loose their power. Some of these balloons are being passed to my people who will use them to surprise this generation.

The Whistles

The whistles represent people blowing the whistle on the lies of the enemy. As the whistles are blown people will be shocked back into truth all of a sudden they will see the error of their wrong beliefs and in turn will receive a whistle. Whistle blowers of God are appearing all over the earth.

The Invitation

The invitation is going out to all who have ears to hear come and be totally surprised by God's goodness you will be astonished by what he has planned for these last days. Go out into the streets and invite the broken, lame, blind its time to party. We will be surprised over and over again.

Psalm 90 14 Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we'll skip and dance all the day long.

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