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We will triumph

We will triumph in the Lord We will triumph like never before

Years ago one of the pastors in our church while in intercession had a vision of a large wooden ship with sails, men of God were at the front of the boat hanging onto the bow dressed in warriors outfits with swords raised singing, the woman were interceding inside the boat. The sea was very turbulent but the men were rejoicing and shouting this song. As they declared this song rain started to fall and a whirlwind was created above the boat representing the presence and power of God.

This shared vision has stayed with me for years I believe it was for such a time as this. Especially the haunting words of the song the men were singing.

"We will triumph in the Lord , We will triumph like never before, cause greater is He, that makes me overcome. We will walk in the power of his might We will shine forth His glorious light For greater is He that makes me overcome"

The people of God have been in turbulent times but I have felt a shift in the spirit as the men of God take their places at the front of the boat with lifted voices declaring " greater is He, that makes me overcome". Fighting for their families, their churches their communities, their nation. They will have this song as a battle cry of victory in the face of their enemies. Their swords are raised to take off the head of their enemies. Their fight is one of the Spirit they win this battle with the sword of the spirit in intercession.

The enemy has tried to discourage and destroy the men of God on so many levels. Bringing spirits of inferiority, fear, unworthiness, self-doubt, insecurity. God is calling the woman of God to uphold and undergird them in this hour with prayer this is their finest hour upon the earth. A Nehemiah anointing is upon these men of God to protect and build at the same time. It's time for these men to build in the Spirit with one hand and wield a sword with the other. Men of God called to Build families, ministries, houses of God.

These are the days of victory many have been through the toughest times and thought I don't know when this is ever going to end or if I can make it. These same men of God are called to run off the spirit Jezebel from the families of God, from the church of God out of our government and Nation.

God will change these men's perspective

He is calling them to look forward. They will not look at the years they have been overcome but they will see that the greater their despair the weightier their overcoming testimonies. They will count it all joy falling into different trails. The greater their trail the greater weight their testimony holds. As they take their place the rain will come the former and the later rain.

Nehemiah 4:17 "Those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens took their load with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon"

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