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Time To Believe

This is a time to believe not a time to doubt my power, my ways, my nature.

You have heard it said in days of old that I am a miraculous God one of power and might. They sang of my works from one generation to another. This generation will have more to sing about than any other. The lie of the devil is you don't have the power you need to get it but I have given you all power and authority in the form of my son. It's a time to rejoice it's a time to be refreshed, it a time to linger in my presence and see my power restore the smallest to the greatest.

My power is upon the earth in earthen vessels waiting for these "Days of Redemption" everything upon the earth must be redeemed back to me as the price was paid for all mankind the day of reckoning is close.

Things that have been stolen must be returned everything that has been eaten must be returned things that have been destroyed must be restored. I am a just God and will see my people have justice in the most difficult cases that look like they lost they were broken and bruised will come out shinning and redeemed by the blood of the lamb. The blood of the lamb cries out for mercy it shall not be disappointed all things will be restored in the dispensation of time.

This is the time to believe, a time to expect, a time to release, a time to live the God kind of life. Many are settling for so much less they are settling for the life of this world I have called each one to a higher life one that is filled with my glory. Adjust your eyes and fix them on the future that I have for you don't get tied up in the day to day things that try to lay a weight around your neck, or you will become yoked to the things of this earth. I have joined you to Heaven and desire you to operate from this heavenly realm which is filled with Joy and excitement.

I seated you in the heavenly realm far above all principalities and powers it amazes the enemy when you think he has power over you because he knows where you are seated, he was once seated there himself.

"It's a time to Believe"

Acts 3:21 says, “whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from ancient time.”

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