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This is the battlefield of the mind

I saw a battlefield, the soldiers were worn out dressed in camouflage uniforms with large helmets they were failing to get across the enemy lines and bring back what belonged to the people of God.

Then, I saw this army grow and the soldiers looked much bigger and stronger than the other soldiers but as I looked closer the extra soldiers who were also dressed in the same uniforms had angelic faces. These were not worn out or tired they were determined and purposeful. As I looked even closer the battle had completely reversed there were more in Gods army than there was against them. The enemy who was once victorious over Gods army was retreating backwards Gods army was advancing and advancing forward.

Then I saw written on the ground

Victory, Victory, Victory, the church started supernaturally winning the battle.

This end-time release of "Angelic Hosts" changed everything.

I had a question in my heart, what is this battle called? "This is the Battlefield of the Mind"

"Divine messengers are being released to overcome the enemy in the area of the mind"

The Lord went on to say;

You will see victory in the church in this season where people have been defeated and heartbroken in the past. People who looked like they were never going to get set free, one by one will have encounters that will bring them from bondage to standing up and sharing testimonies of Gods Grace and Goodness. Mental Health issues that have caused so much torment to my children. The church is receiving a new authority in the area of the mind and you will see victory over things like; BIPOLAR, DEPRESSION, PANIC DISORDERS, SCHIZOPHRENIA, EATING DISORDERS, OCD,

"Mind Binding Demons"

This mental torment has stifled my Body, those who were rarely healed will break forth before the world's eyes. The world does not have the answer, they will turn to the church they once scorned and mocked, to seek help. Firstly the people of God will be set free, then like a great army they will rise up and set others free. There will be whole ministries dedicated to this one type of mind freedom.

As the world gets darker the "People of God", will shine even brighter in the darkest places. This will be an end-time display of my Grace some of the people who you never thought would be free will come to the forefront as leaders and encouragers.

"Don't be afraid," the prophet answered. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them." - 2 Kings 6:16

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