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PUSH+is an advanced 4-week course comprising of teaching, impartation & activations. PUSH+is designed for those with a passion for the prophetic, looking to develop and expand their existing gift.This course will help you use the prophetic in ministry, an also help discern your area of gifting. Knowing where you fit brings confidence and security. 



  • Who is a prophet?
    ”The role of the five fold prophet is often confused with prophetic gifting.”

  • What type of prophet or prophetic gifting do you carry?
    “Identifying your unique gift(s) enables you to sharpen that gift, to reach your full potential.”

  • Using the Prophetic in Ministry
    “The Prophetic gifting can be such a blessing in your area of ministry.”

  • Prophetic Interpretation
    “God speaks to us in different ways dreams, prophetic symbols, pictures, visions and more.”

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