March 15, 2018

I woke this morning to a vision, where I saw free standing large cutouts of the number seven (7). After each number was a question mark (?) walking down a street. It was similar to a Tick a Tate parade. I was an onlooker, with many other people lining the street. I’m not one who regularly sees numbers. 

I thought I am, a spectator at Gods parade, He is showing off what He is  doing in this season. He said “this is a season of bringing things to pass publicly, the number seven (7) stands for completion, the question mark (?) stands for the wonder at my goodness and how did that happen? How did I bring that to pass? How was that possible?”

We are in a time where God is bringing things to completion in our lives, which will leave us in wonder. He is going to accomplish...

November 15, 2017

As you all would know by now the SSM results have been decided in Australia. It is a sad day for our nation but the hand of the Lord is upon this nation and nothing will shake it loose.

“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets”.  Amos 3:7

Maybe 3 months ago the Lord said to me "What if the Yes vote wins?" I realised then he was speaking prophetically and preparing my heart. At the time I shared this with a few people who seemed surprised because so many people have prayed and believed.

These prayers have not gone unnoticed in the courts of heaven, we are united like never before as a body. There is a revival of Intercessory Prayer taking place in this nation.

These are the words that followed the question the Lord p...

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