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Breaking Bondages is a 6-week course, purposed to set captives free and give them information to help set others free. Using a hands-on approach with a combination of teaching, activations, prophetic restoration & deliverance prayer. Covering topics like these – Strongholds, demonic oppression, Breaking Spiritual law, Inherited family weaknesses, Gods master plan to freedom, a transformed mind, embracing the Fathers Love and more.


  • Introduction to Breaking Bondages/ In-depth look at Captives or Prisoners?

  • Finding the Root/Strongholds/ Demonic Oppression

  • Strongholds & their connection to broken spiritual law

  • Gods Master plan to Freedom

  • The power of a transformed mind/restoration of the soul

  • Gods Extravagant Love/ How to receive it?


I am very thankful that Danielle and her husband have been invited. For the first time, I have heard about God´s Love in this manner, about obstructions and redemptions. Thank you for the experience of finding God´s spirit.



Mainz, November 3, 2019

The following visions about my harvest have been given to me:


I will have a healing service

- in my own house, within my church in my home

- everywhere I go, on the streets, wherever God will place me


My children J & L will invite Jesus into their hearts and they will burn for Him.



Mainz, November 3, 2019

I was very impressed by the whole weekend. Thanks to you and your whole Team. You have achieved a lot.


Jesus has been working on me during the whole weekend cutting roots. It is liberating when Jesus works on us and heals us.


Thank you for all your co-prayers. Healing was flowing noticeably through me. I was overwhelmed at the power that the married couple Dixon has. The power of God is in them, 100%.


My pain is still gone and the swelling also. I expect it to stay like this.


I am burning for Jesus and I want to be guided by the spirit of God … the weekend with Danielle Dixon has changed my life with God.


An exciting time of service for God is about to start.


Mainz, November 5, 2019

God has basically told me years ago and a few months ago very insistently, that the bad things connected to the generations before us (poverty, abuse, curses, bad behaviour) have to be cut!

Thank you for the “tools” I now have, so I can implement this. There is a lot to be done in my family J

The new Life through the blood of Jesus Christ is to reign!



Mainz, November 5, 2019

Thanks to all of you for having organized this precious conference and the opportunity to be a partaker. I have picked up so much and I´m going to work through these things during the course of the next weeks and months, so I can receive more and more of my healing.



Mainz, November 6, 2019

Although I am familiar with spiritual laws and have experienced a lot of healing (marriage healed and rescued), God has shown me something: I was allowed to AGAIN and consciously forgive my mother. I realized I had judged her bitterness and negativity again and again. Since this moment there is peace in this situation and absolute love has been restored. I may love my mother and I´m looking forward to give her that love. What a difference in my thoughts towards her.

Thank you Abba Father. Thank you!



Mainz, November 3, 2019

I loved the seminar a lot, especially being activated by the Holy Spirit and the question and answer time that Danielle offered. I would have loved to watch live how the two of them minister deliverance to individuals.
I was especially touched by the love of God with which both of them meet people while ministering. It is so vitally perceptible that love and encouragement are in the first place in their ministry – that has deeply moved me.


Mainz, November 18, 2019

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